About us


What is HOWL?

What do you envision, when you hear the word ‘howl’? A lonely wolf standing on a mountain howling towards the moon. Well, it turns out that wolves howl at the moon to call their pack and to communicate with each other. We wanted to use this metaphor, to give you the power to find the best opportunities to get your pack together and share the best experiences. Because life is about making memories that last forever.

Imagine the amazing concert you attended recently or the last party you were at with all your friends. Remember the time, you and your friends went to that great sports event and how you connected at the moment and cheered for your favorite team. Remember that one party where you met that special someone at, or the time you’ve tried that amazing cocktail that just changed your life. All these moments make us connect more deeply with the ones we love. They make us happy to think back to and they continue to make us happy in the future.

In 2016, four friends from Karlsruhe, Germany had an idea. What if you could see everything that is going on near you? What if, you could see which events your friends are attending, share events with them and share your favorite moments? And what if you were able to do all the above in one, awesome app? That was the moment, the concept of HOWL was born. HOWL is exactly that. We deliver the best events, happy hours and special offers near you. Local, social and always on time. No more long brainstorming sessions and hours-long research about what you want to do on the weekend and what the bars, clubs and event venues in your city have to offer. It doesn’t matter, whether you prefer to go to art exhibitions or sports events, or whether you want to see your favorite band’s concert or just go hang with your friends at your favorite bar. We aim to always send the best opportunities your way.

So, are you ready to join the pack?